top canada healthcare tech provider

Awarded Top Canada Healthcare Tech Solutions Provider 2022

Proud to be awarded as Top 20 Canadian Health Tech Provider in 2022.

Canada’s healthcare system is brimming with innovations in genomics, AI, and big data, but the biggest is still underway—the ability to break down information silos and bring more data interoperability while protecting existing core investments made by different jurisdictions.

Healthcare interoperability continues to be a major issue, preventing publicly-funded health systems, like Canada’s, from overcoming the challenges of fragmentation in care delivery. Despite the setback, there is growing attention from both government agencies and technology providers to expand the role of virtual care in the Canadian healthcare system. During the pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $240.5 million investment in increased access to digital tools to support Canadians’ health and wellbeing. Targeted, bilateral agreements sent $150 million of that funding to provinces and territories to expand virtual health services.

Accelerating the nation’s momentum to improve the status of digital healthcare is tech innovator CM Global Solutions, which is emerging as a notable player in bringing forth more integrated and intuitive telehealth and remote patient monitoring systems.

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