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Longview Services

Proposal presented by: CM Global Solutions

Dear Bob,

Thank you for the opportunity to be a partner in this exciting new adventure of yours. We are very excited to see your vision become a reality and I would be grateful to be a part of the process.

Great websites are built with great intentionality. It takes continuous, conscious effort to develop the one that communicates the desired meaning to our clients. Our goal, through this process, is to accurately capture your needs to automate your daily work so you can focus on what matters most to your charity clients – and then making sure it keeps the client relationship until the end of the process.

Please take some time to review the attached estimate for the proposed work and do not hesitate to reach out with any question.

Once again, thank you for this opportunity.


Patricia Cuadros, CEO

Scope of Services


The first step is we need to thoroughly understand your business goals, your clients and their expectations and behaviour, and how your website factors into all of it. We'll also look at the competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks for how your site should function and them improve on that. This stage will give us the foundation for moving forward with the recommendations for the design and development of your new client portal website.


Once we're armed with this information, we'll set a demo with fictitious content so that we have a good sense of how the content should be laid out across the new website. We recommend having all of your content ready by this stage which will make it faster to load the initial content so content doesn't hold back the launch date. We will use your current logo, website content, pictures, videos with the new Client Portal private page and Login functionality.


Next, we'll set to work making your website a reality. These are our following recommendations: To use same current domain, logo, goDaddy hosting account, WordPress as your content management system (CMS) so you can update the website content and each client private page content yourself. Installation of plugins for login and portal client functionality and Avada-Pro as theme. Creation of the portal client private page to display a Youtube video and links to DropBox folders or files to be able to share your documents with each client. Creation and customization for the user login pages such login, register, recovery password and edit profile.


Once you've tested the website and are happy with its functionality, we'll point your domain over to production and make it live. We will provide you with an administrator manual on how to create users and private pages for your client portal.


Estimated Timeline:

January - February

4 hrs
10 hrs
48 hrs

Your Investment

Below you can find the one cost of our services. This is paid upon signing of your proposal and allows us to get straight on with developing your website and getting your business the boost you are looking for.


Total: $800

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

This proposal has already been approved!

Let us introduce ourselves. As a software developer company, we offer a range of innovation technology solutions designed to help your business reach its potential. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

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  2. Any revisions or changes to the above quote are considered extra and chargeable.
  3. Purchase order or signed authorization is required.

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