The Art of Innovation

In this TEDx Talks, Guy Kawasaki makes his speech so inspirational and funny through his top 10 format rule. Innovation is not that simple it is hard. It is not a cultural thing, it is a science. I like when he says “Aha, someone understood my pain”. So don’t give up, go forward, try everything, have your vision, passion and jump ahead of your customers. In life some things need to be believed to be seen.

Below the key 10 points from his presentation:

1. Start with the desire to make meaning and you will likely make money. (Google wanted to democratize information, e-bay to democratize commerce.. and they made lots of money)
2. Pick a mantra, three words as your mission (not a slogan for the customer)
3. Jump to the next curve. Do not go in just to improve 10-20%. Change the way things are done. Nice example for cutting ice from lakes. Next curve was central factories for ice. Next curve was refrigerators (not more efficient factories)
4. Roll the dicee. Make it deep, intelligent, complete, empowering and elegant.
5. Do not worry, be happy. Do not seek perfection. Just move the product
6. Start with positioning and branding but adjust as per your customers. Let them decide how to use your product
7. Do not be afraid to polarize people. Great products are either loved or hated.
8. Churn baby churn (keep updating your products)
9. Niche yourself where you are unique AND valued
10. Perfect your pitch. 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font and big graphics/logo